Minecraft but I Transform Into EVERY Mob I Kill

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Minecraft But I Play as EVERY Mob I Kill, and I always have to play as the last mob I killed. Today I tried Beating Minecraft Using the Morph Mod, a mod that lets allows Playing as ANY Mob in Minecraft! Will I be able to beat Minecraft but I transform into every mob I kill? Watch the whole video to find out!

Minecraft Identity Mod Download:

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      Wadzee my new skin is your skin

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    I think he forgot to kill ghast

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    wadzee: minecraft identity theft my brain: ya literally

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    Please kill ghast

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    a horse riding a horse to me that just sounds like mating

  6. TheBeastTheorist
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    the real question is how did he pplay in f5 the whole time

  7. TheBeastTheorist
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    twiyter be like:do you think its a coincidence wadzee is a white horse riding a black horse???? WADZEE IS A WHITE SUPREMESIST OMG #wadzeeisoverparty

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    Cross 8:16

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    08:16 ✝️😐

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    3:34 horse hub🟧⬛️

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    6:14 (12 FOOT)

  12. Bryce Ingebrigtsen
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    Horse powers are auto jump

  13. Zack Plays
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    What if beat the game as a ender dragon

    1. Zack Plays
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    Btw wadzee is racist

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    Aim bot gaming
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    How to extract it

  16. Cat Scracth
    Cat Scracth
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    You can use there ability by pressing R button like u can throw fireball like blaze

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    Wen vid starts me:dem dets good

  18. Abood Mohamed Saleh
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    How you do it

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    Everyone gangsta til he turns into the wither

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    I'm a haus on a haus

  21. PewDiePie Official
    PewDiePie Official
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    8:17 there is a herobrine cross right in front of you

  22. PunMaster
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    Unlike player armour, for horses Gold is better than iron. Also, you should have taken the gold hoe for the hay bales

  23. Marcus Morales
    Marcus Morales
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    r dum press withblaze

  24. Aayan Haider
    Aayan Haider
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    #beating the ender dragon in creative

  25. CoD_Ghost
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    "Identity Theft is not a joke Jim"- Dwight Shrute

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    Im a part of the Wah Wah Army

  27. Blue Ninja
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    What is this mod's name?

  28. Piggeman
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    Press r as the mob and then you can use its abilities

  29. IXxblazikenxXI
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    The mod link didnt work for me is their another

  30. jacky mai
    jacky mai
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    The changeable suggestion strangely sack because kiss reassuringly surround despite a aberrant crawdad. homely, afraid newsstand

  31. Joseba Hazas
    Joseba Hazas
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    15:05 that cut

  32. a potato
    a potato
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    New Tittle: Minecraft but I can fly and mods don’t attack me

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    Wow play good

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    Minecraft but the imposter is among us

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  36. J DRIVE
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    U should have switched into A villager

  37. Jaiden Gomez
    Jaiden Gomez
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    Bro you have superpowers, why couldn't you throw fire at enderdragon while you were blaze?

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  39. Zero Gaming
    Zero Gaming
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    mods name?

  40. Chandler Gull
    Chandler Gull
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    Go to the nether, kill a strider, put a saddle on a strider that’s riding a strider, and then ride that strider to become a strider on a strider on a strider

  41. The Bee One in five
    The Bee One in five
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    the are abilities you can shoot fireballs when your a blaze

  42. Mallardduck Roblox
    Mallardduck Roblox
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    Be a vex again

  43. Anmol Solanki
    Anmol Solanki
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    Can you tell me which song do you use?

  44. xima_monke
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    12:12 Nether hates WadZee, if you want to see if Nether hates WadZee find a 6 blocked terrain like your middle finger.

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    devon archuleta
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    I'm a horse on a horse..sir.. this is youtube

  46. Miraculous Cold Cut
    Miraculous Cold Cut
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    I never thought I would see a Blaze in the overworld...

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    Gajanan Jumade Sir गजानन जुमडे सर
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    blaze made advancemet free the end

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    Nice ❤️👍👍

  49. Boy If
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    8:16 A Randomly generated crater cross.

  50. dream george sapnap
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  51. FireBlaze
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    You were literally fighting blazes with a stone sword this is crazy!

  52. Cade Krueger
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    Minecraft but I transform into every mob I kill... on a horse

  53. Tricky phase 4
    Tricky phase 4
    28 päeva tagasi

    One time in minecraft i standed by a large cave that goes down and i got pushed by like 3 pigs down

  54. TeMpEsT
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    3:38 what did U DOING TO THAT HORSE

  55. gabriel dana
    gabriel dana
    28 päeva tagasi

    Btw I have that mod and you can use ability’s like shoot fire has a blaze or a ender dragon. You can be a ender men and teleport

  56. Ryan Howard
    Ryan Howard
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    What is the code

  57. Osmium
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    I remember just a year ago when he used to shun youtubers for using “as you can see only half of my viewers are subscribed”.... come on, we hear it enough from the dream squad

  58. Thomas the CHU CHU TRAIN
    Thomas the CHU CHU TRAIN
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    Kinda wish he turned into a villager

  59. DucK
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    So basically minecraft: Captain ginyu editon

  60. simzki
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    why didnt try to be a ghast :

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    0:06 My stupid dirty brain

  62. Lukas van Rijnsbergen
    Lukas van Rijnsbergen
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    The pig flyed because you had an elytra on ;)

  63. Rodrigo Pongitori Alves
    Rodrigo Pongitori Alves
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    wad zee : so this is like whats been a 6'3 iron golem iron golems literally being 12 feet tall

  64. DarkMaple
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    WadZee becoming a blaze be like: *creative mode enabled*

  65. Sunmee
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    my dad is 6 foot 4 probs taller than the iron golem

  66. Nati#7
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    Fun fact: theEender dragon, Wither, Iron golem and the Snow golem aren't mobs!!!

  67. fabio pasqualetto
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  68. David Mossman
    David Mossman
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    Did you just take 5 crits to kill a sheep? On bedrock edition we can crit kill sheeps in only 3 hits

  69. ilmu pengetahuan
    ilmu pengetahuan
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    Horse speedrun be like

  70. Fernando Gomez
    Fernando Gomez
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    What did we learn today? Yes, blaze can take the world if they want to

  71. StrikeRecorder
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    My 2nd favorite gamer

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    Antoni Grochot
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    This mod isn't working

  73. Jonathan BornAgain
    Jonathan BornAgain
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    Should have fought the dragon as a silverfish

  74. Ruvan Faure
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    Did anybody notice the cross 8:16

  75. Gorl Heck
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    Ok seeing the iron golem sprinting is kind of hilarious lol AN ABSOLUTE UNIT

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    bro horse riding a horse sounds weird

  77. Suzanne is so radical
    Suzanne is so radical
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    Alternative title: wadzee commits murder and identity theft in a block game

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    Mira Alison
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    Identify theft is not a joke WadZee. Millions of family’s suffer every year!

  79. - NopeBuddy -
    - NopeBuddy -
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    Don’t iron golems take no fall damage

  80. Aniruddh Kamath
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    I think that ur a blaze the ender dragon doesn’t hate u

  81. Francesco Cassini
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    it's mistic!

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    TEK Zone Gaming
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    pleas anyone tell me from which key i can open that menu to morph into any mob pleas tell i am requesting pleaseee i also want to morph

  83. DinoChicken
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    “Horse ridding a horse” kids this is how baby’s are made

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    Hey Wad. Whaz poppin

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    Minecraft but I commit identity theft

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    I'm hoping to see him be a guest in a MrBeast Gaming challenge

  87. Marion Manalang
    Marion Manalang
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    I'm hoping to see him be part of a MrBeast Gaming challenge

  88. Derek L
    Derek L
    Місяць tagasi

    you just needed some luck from dream for those pearl trades

  89. Rachel A
    Rachel A
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    Does he realise that if he goes in water, he takes damage as a blaze?

  90. Gabriel Gabriel
    Gabriel Gabriel
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    Por acaso é só pc

  91. zip
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    you are super man

  92. Vinala_the_Dragoon
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    Heheh Wadzee didn't know that if you punch something as an iron golem without holding any items you can instakill most of the mobs

  93. KaiTheGuy
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    Before i fully watch this i just realized he will eventually become the enderdragon

  94. William Odin
    William Odin
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    Ender Dragon Vs blaze everyone thinks that the Ender Dragon will win then the blaze wins

  95. Sub3cel 56I✔️
    Sub3cel 56I✔️
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    Can you make this mod is episodes?

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    Kazuto 3312
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    can someone pls tell the the intro's song name ?

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    You must be identithief

  98. Paulo Solomon
    Paulo Solomon
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    so how exactly can I play this mod? description in the link said it cant be played in forge.

  99. Joni Gutierrez
    Joni Gutierrez
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    Are you playing bedrock or java?

  100. Little Lego
    Little Lego
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    15:13 Pov your brother got creative mode